As we start to see the end of 2020 nearing, we are reminded of the joys and struggles throughout the year. This year we are thankful for so many things including that early in the year we had the opportunity to visit Thailand and meet the 20 orphaned children we have told you so much about! This journey in February set us for a year of gratitude for each and every one of these children, and we want to share with you some updates, pictures and joy to get you through the end of the year.







After opening the doors to the home in Thailand in September of 2019, we have now officially past the 1-year mark of these children having a place to call home. We are happy to share that the children are thriving.The children range in age from 3-14 years and most had never attended school until moving into the home in Thailand. Needless to say, they were significantly behind. Today with the hard work of the kids, their caregivers, and tutors, they are caught up and doing well!!









When the one-year anniversary of the house opening came in September many celebrations ensued. The most lasting surprise of the celebration included new additions to the house! The most adorable puppies joined the family and the kids couldn’t be more in LOVE!







Asia’s Hope Thailand kids are all currently on a 3 week semester break from school. Typically many of the kids return to their home villages during break. Having the kids maintain their biological relationships, language, and culture (as long as they are safe) is important. This year the kids stayed at Asia’s Hope to assure their health and safety during the break. The home parents and staff planned many fun activities to keep the kids busy and also hosted a Summer Camp for 3 days (Nov 20-23) where ALL the kids from both of our campuses in Doi Saket and Wiang Pa Pao came together! The theme was LOVE ONE ANOTHER. There were many competitions, fun games, fishing, food, and celebrating family! The camp was held at the Wiang Pa Pao campus.







We are looking forward to another amazing year moving forward, and we want to THANK all the donors who make it possible to maintain this loving home! We are working towards our goal this year of $50,000. If you would like to help us reach our goal click here. We appreciate your support and generosity!