Back in March we showed you all of the amazing progress being made on our Asia’s Hope home in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The team on the ground had just poured the buildings’ foundations and were busily working to get the house completed by the end of summer. We were also $30,000 shy of our $150,000 goal.

We have some exciting news…

Not only has the foundation been poured, support columns been installed, steel roofing beams been placed, and cinderblocks been acquired…

But the home is nearly 100% complete! Construction will likely finish at the beginning of next month, way ahead of our initial schedule. 

Thanks to a generous anonymous donation, we’ve also reached our funding goal of $150,000. We have what we need to assure the home’s construction is completed.

Soon, we’ll be in a position to hire the home’s staff. We’ll begin to accept kids at the beginning of June, or even the last week of May, which would be just in time for the new school year in Thailand!

We couldn’t have done any of this without all of you and your courageous leadership.

But there’s still work to be done to make sure our house feels like a home..

Now that the home is built, it’s our privilege to help the children who move in receive clothing, a happy family life, food, and an education.

So how can you help?
We’d love for you to join us in helping to support the daily operations of the home you helped build. We have currently pledged $4,200/month to help the staff best take care of the home and the children.

Another opportunity to support the Chiang Rai children is to donate towards the cost of future university scholarships at the home. We’d love to see these children thrive, grow, and eventually graduate from high school and college.

If you’re interested in joining the group of courageous leaders who are changing children’ lives in Thailand already, visit our designated Asia’s Hope donation site or contact Addison Smith at, and reference this project!