Asia’s Hope has broken ground on our Chiang Rai house! But we’re still $30,000 away from our $150,000 goal. In an effort to make up that difference, we’ve applied for the FedEx Small Business grant!

If we were to win this grant, we would use $30,000 to complete the home in Thailand. We’d use the remaining $20,000 as seed money to establish another dream of ours: a separate, nonprofit wing of Crimson Design! This nonprofit organization would bring together clients, friends, and the design community for a yearly gala, the proceeds of which would be used to benefit the lives of children and women around the world. Our goal is to create a vast network of people who can change the world by bringing beauty and joy to the lives of many.
In order to win this grant, however, we need your help!

Please vote for us at the FedEx Small Business Grant gallery here: